Hello, party people.

OK, so this is my introductory blathering which will not only be informative, but highly boring. Deal with it. You can scroll past this if you so choose. Getting the most trite and useless information out of the way first I give you my name, Kateri Woody, and gender, female. I like to be hyperbolic, and I am a self-classified nerd.

And a quick side note: Dear Dad, don’t read this blog.

This blog has a purpose, as most do but rarely openly state, to show to the world what I find to be worthy of a lady boner. Now, it might seem crude to some and odd to others to say that one has a lady boner. I find it humorous, and quite less vulgar than I could actually be. But this term actually raises more questions than “Why would anyone want to discuss boners if they are incapable of physically having one?” (Hurr, ‘raises‘)

What the hell is a lady boner? Well, to me, it is a term most often used by women who are rather geeky/nerdy/dorky in nature and who have a strong love of something and or someone that it induces a rather strong reaction. Be that physical, mental, or emotional. Something that is worth drooling over, obsessing over, rambling about, or just plain fucking awesome can cause a lady boner. For example: a new issue of Batman and Robin always causes me to pop a lady boner, even if Morrison frequently makes me want to jab a sharp pencil up my nose in hopes of poking my frontal lobe.

Why I cry myself to sleep at night

I will be discussing movies, television shows, comic books, literature, music, everyday life, and pretty much anything under our yellow sun that gives me a lady boner. If you find this to be at the very least amusing, stay tuned.


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